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Santa Barbara's Spring Awakening
Jeanne Cooper | April 19, 2019


The winter of 2018 took its toll on the luxury resorts of greater Santa Barbara as well as on its residents. One of California’s most damaging fires and mudslides ever forced...

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Three for the Road
Leilani Marie Labong | April 18, 2019


Martin Mattox Recently, a window-shopper on Auburn’s main drag peered into Tim and Linda Arbogast’s new store and said to her friend, “It’s...

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Art of Engagement
Suzanne Ennis | April 18, 2019


You essentially swapped jobs with your predecessor. How does your vision for the Museums differ? Max Hollein accomplished a lot in his brief time here. He really reinvigorated the exhibition program [and] increased...

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Pockets Full of Posies
Leilani Marie Labong | April 11, 2019


Draped Flowers, a curtain by Japanese designer Akane Moriyama of Oakland-based design collective UMÉ Studio, is a dreamy spin on the now ubiquitous vertical garden that delivers a concentrated dose...

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Celluloid Heroes
Suzanne Ennis | April 10, 2019


When SSFILM Kicks off the 62nd San Francisco International Film Festival April 10, it will pop the Champagne to celebrate the enduring power of storytelling. But it deserves a toast of its own too. Thanks to a series...

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Travel Companion
Michael M. Clements | April 9, 2019


Hoping to hunt with eagles, book a helicopter ride in Hawaii or plan the ultimate girls’ trip without having to plan? There’s a place for that. “I went to Istanbul for the weekend, and I wound up...

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Cocktail (R)evolutions
David Zivan | April 8, 2019


Daddy, Give Us a Kiss
Sean “Diddy” Combs bought a piece of DeLeón Tequila five years ago. This winter, the makers took the popular sipper up a notch with the addition of an añejo expression....

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Maui Marvel
Jasmine Lombardi | April 4, 2019


For Bay Area residents, a trip to Hawaii is perhaps the simplest way to escape. So, when a change of pace calls, an island getaway is a must. For those in search of a rare, unforgettable experience, the Luxe Villa Adventure...

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The Beat Goes On
Jessica Zack | April 3, 2019


Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s name has long been synonymous with San Francisco’s anti-establishment literary voice—so long that it’s been nearly 70 years since the blue-eyed World War II vet, fresh out of...

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Expanded Horizons
Julie D’Alessandro | April 3, 2019


Frequent flyers know a first-class suitcase is the cornerstone of airport style. Most turn to Louis Vuitton, the pinnacle of luxury luggage since the 19th century. The house has continuously updated the classic...

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New Points Of Sail In Bermuda
SARAH BRAY | April 3, 2019

As sailing season commences, a new Bermuda Triangle forms in the Atlantic.

This Spring, Bermuda joins forces with New York and Newport to create a new Bermuda Triangle of sailing. Starting in May, a series of sailing...

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House of Sand and Fog
Theresa Gonzalez | April 1, 2019


An early 20th-century gable-roofed house one block from Pacifica’s fishing pier was sorely in need of an owner’s love when Kevin Hale, then a single UX designer-turned-investor, raised his hand. “I’...

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