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10 Easy to Find Wines and Pairings for your Thanksgiving Feast

You know what you’re eating, but what will you be drinking? Ten wines—white, pink, to red—that are tasty, easy to find, and work with every bit of your meal on Thursday.


It’s almost Thanksgiving and you know what you’re eating, but how on earth will you make time to pick great wines, pair them, and then go find them? Worry not little turkey, we’ve got you covered. Here are ten wines that are tasty and easy to find, and pairings for just about every Thanksgiving main and side.


Dish: Greens of all kinds
Wine: Bonterra Rose ($16)
Why it pairs: This silky, fruit forward rosé has a gentle sweetness and flavors of stone fruits, but is still quite dry (wine talk for “not sweet”). An easy drinking and easily paired wine, this rose will go with just about any salad, green bean casserole, and even hearty collard greens. If you can, add fruit to your salad or dish, and steer clear of bitter, salty or skunky (gruyere cheese for example) additions.

Dish:  Yams
Wine: Tom Gore Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc ($12)
Why it pairs: Bright and citrusy with hints of lime and tangerine, this sauvignon blanc is easy to find, easy to drink, and will balance the sweetness of the yams while adding some spice to accentuate the earthy flavors of the skin.

Dish: Mashed Potatoes
Wine: Jam Cellars Butter Chardonnay ($15)
Why it pairs: I’ve heard people complain about mashed potatoes being watery, chunky salty, and even dry; but I’ve never heard anyone say they were too buttery. Well, Butter chardonnay will give your potatoes an extra kick of butter, spice, and a hint of sweetness. This playful wine will also save your hide if your potatoes are dry, or you came up short on butter, salt, or sour cream.

Dish: Cranberries
Wine: Robert Mondavi Fumé Blanc ($23)
Why it pairs: Delicate with citrus flavors of lemon and orange, this simple and playful fumé blanc will balance the bitterness of cranberries and intermingle with the tart and sweet flavors of cranberries. Consider adding some orange or lemon zest to your dish to enhance this pairing.

Dish: Cheese Plate
Wine: Mumm Blanc De Blancs, ($48)
Why it pairs: Made from chardonnay and pinot gris, this refreshing and elegant sparkling wine has hints of apple and citrus, with ribbons of hazelnut and spice. The crisp bubbles, fruit, and nuts are exactly what you need to pair with cheeses like brie, pecorino, white cheddar, and just about any white cheese.


Dish: Gravy
Wine: Hess Select “Treo” Winemaker’s Red Blend, ($19)
Why it pairs: A fun red blend that is ripe, dark, soft and full of bold plum flavor, this blend will stand up to earthy heavy, salty gravy and whatever you decide to slather with it.

Dish: Ham and Pork
Wine: Decoy Zinfandel, ($25)
Why it pairs: This zinfandel is smooth and light, but has plenty of bold berry flavor and even some holiday spices. The berry flavors and spices will act almost like a chutney with your ham or pork and will definitely do you favors if the meat is a little dry. While this will work well with honey glazes and sweeter treatments, I suggest leaning towards gamy and smoked.

Dish: Stuffing
Wine: Dutton Ranch Russian River Pinot Noir, ($44)
Why it Pairs: This deep, layered pinot noir hits you with blackberry, cigar box, spice, and earth. As silky as it is bold, this pinot will go with both meat and vegetarian stuffing and will also play nicely with turkey, gravy, and the other heavy flavors on your fork.

Dish: Turkey
Wine: Franciscan Estate Magnificat Red Blend, ($56)
Why it pairs: A dark, dense, structured wine is a blend of five different varietals which yields a complex and food friendly wine that can stand up to a oven cooked, fried, or duck-filled turkey. The smooth, lasting finish will carry through to your next bite so watch out for anything bitter or spicy.

Dish: Roast or Fillet Mignon
Wine: Joseph Phelps Insignia, ($275)
Why it pairs: Insignia is one of the most respected and coveted wines in the world and the wine to pare with the finest stakes. Bring this bottle if you’re looking to show off, make a big announcement, or celebrate an accepted proposal. A lush wine with flavors of espresso, cardamom, dark fruit, sweet vanilla and chocolate, Insignia will slide in with the meat and smooth the delicate crunch of a perfectly cooked steak or roast.



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