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Bernal Blaze: Which Businesses Are Back, and Which Are on the Brink?

Taking stock of a devastated block.

Cole Hardware might not return.


Two days after the five-alarm fire that burned Mission Street south of 29th, Bernal Heights is still reeling. Some of the block’s newly homeless residents are camping out at the Salvation Army on Valencia and 22nd Street, and while Mission reopened to traffic, 29th Street between San Jose and Mission remained closed until this afternoon. In addition to the 58 residents who’ve been displaced—at least one of them made homeless by fire twice—the blaze also devastated a block’s worth of businesses. For the unlucky ones, emergency demolition of unsafe structures could begin tomorrow, according to city engineers. Here, a roundup of which places suffered damage and which ones are coming back.  

3300 Club 

3300 Mission St.
The building of the popular bar is intact, but the floor and ceiling were both damaged by the water used to fight the fire. Shukry Lama, whose family owns 3300 Club, posted on Facebook that the bar is committed to coming back. “Everything is water logged but it doesn't look as bad as the rest of the building. We will rebuild.”

Graywood Hotel 
3308 Mission St.
The facade of the single-room occupancy hotel upstairs from the 3300 Club remains standing, but the fire department still needs to confirm that the hotel is safe before residents can return and collect their belongings, per NBC Bay Area. No word yet on the fate of the hotel itself.

El Gran Taco Loco 
3306 Mission St.
This morning, the El Gran Taco Loco said on Facebook that they are still unsure how much damage the restaurant suffered in the fire. They’re remaining closed until further notice. 

Cole Hardware 
3312 Mission St.
The building that housed the store is “gone,” according to Cole Hardware’s Twitter. In response to a customer asking when they’ll return, the store said this on Facebook: “Cole Hardware does not own the property so that decision is not up to us. With the building still being red tagged by the fire department it is too early to make any legitimate guess at what will happen, but it would be our hope to be able to return.” 

Playa Azul 
3318 Mission St.
Photos and videos from Saturday showed flames shooting from the Mexican restaurant. The building, according to Bernalwood, is “gutted” and likely won’t be reopening any time soon. 

3326 Mission St.
The bar was closed on Sunday. While the bar’s pages on Yelp and Google Maps don’t say anything about a permanent closure, their phone appears to be disconnected.  

Lacayo & Associates 
3330 Mission St.
The law firm is back to business as usual and is open its normal hours today. 

La Alteña 
3346 Mission St.
Although the restaurant was closed yesterday, the building escaped the worst of the fire and opened at 10 a.m. today as usual. 

Bernal Heights Collective
33 29th St.
This morning the dispensary posted on Facebook: “No word yet on facts or news, but suffice to say, we may be closed today...stay tuned.” While their phone line appears to be working, repeated calls to the business went unanswered. 

Update, 6/20/16, 7 p.m.: This post has been updated to reflect that 29th Street is once again open to traffic.

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