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Draymond Green Slaps Guy in Club, and Warriors Fans Feel the Sting



There’s no way to say it that it sinks in well: The Warriors’ Draymond Green was arrested last night in East Lansing, Michigan, for allegedly slapping a taunting fan in a club. Warriors PR has been mum all morning, offering “no further comment until we have a better understanding of the situation.” Green was released after posting a $200 bond. He’ll need to return to East Lansing to face the charge of misdemeanor assault.

You didn’t have to be in that club, or even in Green’s home state of Michigan, to feel the sting. Warriors fans are used to rooting for a team that, for the most part, is above drama, a team with a reputation for being “a bunch of good guys.” 

Given that the man Green struck is not injured, it’s hard to imagine this turning into a A Huge Deal That Dooms The Team. But, however the Warriors choose to handle it, this also feels like an incremental slide toward being less than we were. The road from Green’s infamous crotchslap—and his consquent, probably championship-dashing suspension in Game 5 of the finals—to striking a stranger is not, to say the least, encouraging. It’s hard to see our heroes like this.

“It’s not going to last,” Sports Illustrated intoned, prophetically, in its laudatory cover story on the Warriors in March. “It’s too perfect, the way these Golden State Warriors, whose crunch-time five is so small it would fit nicely in a Fiat 500, have become the biggest thing in the NBA, with a possible stop at Best Team Ever.”

It doesn’t matter what the guy in the club said to Green, just as it didn’t matter that LeBron had so rudely tried to step over a supine Green in Game 4 before the fateful nutpunch. Yeah, LeBron kind of had it coming, but we also had a championship coming, and the stakes are too high to hit back. If the Warriors want another shot at being the Best Team Ever, we’re going to have to get back to the way things were before. Here's to hoping the Dubs haven't lost it.


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