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'Fortune' Magazine Tries to Figure Out Brit Morin, Fails

Maybe they need a Brit kit?


It's easy to roll your eyes at Brit Morin, the woman who took to the Today show to demonstrate how to hold a nail with a comb, and seemed to have never swung a hammer before. But maybe she's worth taking seriously after all.

That's what Fortune thinks. In a profile of the woman who would be Martha, it says "she has some potential" to be the next lifestyle maven. After all, her recent Re:Make conference in the city turned out 500 people who paid $299 to assemble Brit kits. She also has a book coming out in March and $7.5 million in funding from people like Marissa Mayer. (You can read our profile of Morin here.) “I’m only trying to better the world, to help try inspire and educate women to do creative things,” said Morin.

None of that stops the shade-throwing, though. Fortune passes some of it along, and it is glorious. “As someone who doesn’t have a crafty bone in her, I find what she can do with duct tape inspiring,” says Susan MacTavish Best, who runs her own lifestyle site, Living MacTavish

Is Morin ready for prime time quite yet? Maybe not. But don't count her out.


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