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That KKK Flyer May Have Been a Hoax, but the Response Is Pure San Francisco



Yesterday’s widely blogged-about but hoaxy-seeming flyer inviting Upper Haight residents to join the KKK now has a rejoinder: Someone calling herself the “Loyal White Lady Ally of the Haight” posted a retaliatory flyer that begins, “Get the fuck out of our neighborhood” and only gets friendlier from there.  

“We stand for peace and justice and have since the 60s while you were lynching people of color," reads the flyer, spotted by Hoodline. "We love our black citizens and will protect them at all costs. Nobody wants to join your pathetic hate group so you can keep your bedsheets and racism to yourself.”

A URL is helpfully offered (, but sadly it doesn’t seem to exist. Like the original flyer, which offered a phone number (the actual number of the KKK), the new flyer also lists a place to call: 1-800-FUC-KYOU. (We dialed, and got a recording of a woman’s voice saying that we reached “our nation’s little secret” (?) followed by instructions for receiving the “Obamacare 800 number.” Didn’t really sound like a business the “Loyal White Lady Ally of the Haight” would be running, but you never know.

So, potential San Francisco KKK recruits (and, uh, this guy), consider yourself put on notice, and consider donating to the homeless, k?

Update, 7/16/2016
: A KKK official confirmed to the San Francisco Chronicle that the original recruiting flyer was genuine. Also, while doesn't exist,—a configuration we failed to try—redirects to Campaign Zero, which is pretty brilliant.


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