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Peter Thiel funds another floating experiment

The Sea Steading institute won't launch its floating city for a couple of decades, but already in the works is a ship just offshore to house entrepreneurs who don't have US citizenship.

In August San Francisco featured a magnificent rendering, of what is essentially a floating island dedicated to “experimenting with alternative social systems”—i.e., Libertarian, from none other than the Peter Thiel-conceived Sea Steading Institute (see above). Today the Associated Press reported that the PayPal co-founder is helping finance another floating experiment—a huge ferry, anchored just beyond domestic waters, that will house entrepreneurs who are not US citizens. Sunnyvale startup Blueseed is behind the effort, and calls the ship a “visa-free offshore technology incubator.”

Brooke Donald of the AP explains:

“The ship would be a remodeled cruise ship or barge that Blueseed leases or owns. It would have all the high-tech amenities expected of a startup incubator and the look of employee-friendly Internet giants Facebook and Google, famous for their modern campuses complete with gourmet cafeterias, exercise facilities and an environmentally-sustainable design.”

The idea is to get tech geniuses with great ideas around the treacherous waters of US immigration law. Residents will only need temporary visas to hop ashore. Here’s to a new kind of innovation. See the Blueseed CEO answer questions from FOX here.