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  It’s another blindingly sunny day in Silicon Valley, inside yet another low-slung, stale-aired hacker hostel, and... More»

Ellen Pao

  Late one afternoon in March, when the jury was out and the lawyers were bickering about something or other, Ellen Pao opened... More»

Travis Kalanick

  Travis Kalanick is trying really hard to sit still. You can tell by the way that he clasps and unclasps his hands under the... More»


My Karuna’s founder, Angela Zeng, a Ph.D. in pathology, set out to advance the health beverage industry as she developed a superfood beverage line... More»


  Editor's Note: This story was originally published by our sister magazine, San Francisco, as part of... More»


Wi-Fi a bit sluggish? Then you may want to consider Plume, a cloud-based system that is promising fast... More»